Advisor Assignments

Undeclared Advising

Advising assignments for undeclared students are divided among the faculty in each of the three undergraduate schools. In addition to faculty advisors, there are a small number of university staff members who serve as academic advisors only to undeclared students. These staff members are in master's-level professional positions who serve students in their main role at the instiution and are experienced in student advising. (For example: Career Advisors and Area Coordinators in Residence Life).

The advising assignment process is typically completed during summer for new incoming students, and during winter break for new spring transfer students. Should an academic advisor become unavailable for some reason (sabbatical, personal leave, separation from the university, etc.), the AARC will reassign that person's advisees, after contacting each, to an appropriate advisor.

Major Advising

Typically, students are assigned to an advisor after they declare a major. Department chairs and program coordinators assign academic advisors from their respective disciplines to work with declared students.