Study Abroad

Course advising for the abroad semester should ideally be done prior to the study abroad deadline. Students are advised by OIE staff to talk to their academic advisors about their study abroad plans, including the curriculum at the host university or program, prior to submitting an application for semester study abroad. Students seeking to fulfill degree or general education requirements must seek course approval from the appropriate faculty member. Students will not earn transfer credit if the student has not been approved for study abroad by the Office of International Education. For further details on credit transfer from abroad, visit the Registrar's Web page.

Applications for fall study abroad are due in early February and applications for spring semester abroad are due in mid-September. See study abroad web page for specific dates and eligibility requirements.

Recommendations are often required by partners. Information regarding the student's suitability for study abroad (both academic and maturity) are extremely useful for OIE staff, other UR faculty reviewers, and our partners abroad to determine whether the program is a good fit for the student and the institution. Students are advised to talk with their professors prior to requesting a recommendation, explaining why a particular program is of interest, their academic preparation, and plans to utilize skills and knowledge gained upon return to Richmond and in the future professional plans.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to all Richmond semester abroad programs. See Interntional Education's website for more information regarding study abroad financial support.


Additional scholarships are available from LALIS, and LLC as well as external agencies.

Courses in English

English taught courses are widely available in non English speaking countries like Hong Kong, Turkey, Sweden, Netherlands, and Poland, just to mention a few.

Finding a Program

Through UR's study abroad website, students can search semester abroad programs by location, subjects, language of instruction.

Study Abroad and University of Richmond Curriculum

Study abroad is an integrated and encouraged component of the University of Richmond curriculum. The Office of International Education has collaborated with academic departments to create advising materials for students and faculty in each academic area to assist students who wish to take courses during a semester/year abroad focusing on their major/minor area of study. The study abroad by major web page provides access to advising materials for each field of study as relates to semester/year study abroad.

Graduate on Time

All majors can go abroad and graduate on time with advance planning. Access to course catalogs and descriptions are available for most programs.