C.J. Gray and Mace Awards

C. J. Gray Award

The C.J. Gray Award was established in 1973 by the Richmond College Class of 1933 in honor of their classmate, Clarence J. Gray.

The C. J. Gray Award is given to graduating seniors who are members of BOTH Phi Beta Kappa OR Beta Gamma Sigma AND Omicron Delta Kappa OR Mortar Board and who have outstanding four-year records in academic achievement and leadership in their division. Up to four C. J. Gray Awards may be given each year, with one recipient each from:

  • Arts & Sciences – Richmond College
  • Arts & Sciences – Westhampton College
  • Robins School of Business
  • Jepson School of Leadership Studies

A list of eligible seniors from each organization is created each March. The registrar's office provides transcripts, school, GPA, class rank, WC/RC standing, and graduation date for each eligible student. The dean's offices (RC/WC/A&S, RSB, JSLS) compile a list of each student's activities, honors, memberships, and other relevant information on the Student Resume Form. All of this information is submitted for each student by the respective dean's offices to the C. J. Gray/Mace Awards Selection Committee, and the voting members of the committee make the final selection of the C. J. Gray Awardee(s).

Nominations are NOT accepted for the C. J. Gray Awards.

Mace Award

The Mace Award was established in 1947. Recorded upon the mace, in each successive year for a full century, beginning with the session of the 1947-48 academic year, is the name of the University's Outstanding Student. This student will have a clear record of exceptional scholarly achievement and demonstrated leadership throughout their years at the University. (Note there are no honorary society requirements like those for the C. J. Gray Award. Any graduating senior student is eligible.)

Students may be nominated for the Mace Award through their academic school. Schools choose among their students, placing in nomination the student or students considered most deserving of this award. A Student Resume form detailing the student's honors, awards, activities, and achievements during his/her time at the University, along with academic transcripts, GPA, and class rank are considered. Voting members of the C. J. Gray/Mace Awards Selection Committee make the final selection of the Mace Award winner.

Nominations ARE accepted for the Mace Award through March 15th, submitted to the student's School Dean's Office as follows:

Mace Award nominations should include the student's name and a rationale for why the student is deserving of consideration for being named the University's Outstanding Student. Nominations are welcome from any University faculty or staff member.