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Advising and Registration Information for Readmitted Students

The Academic Advising Resource Center (AARC) will contact you regarding advising and registration after you have received official notification of readmission by the Richmond (men) or Westhampton (women) College Dean's Office.

Advisor Reassignment

In most cases, you will be assigned to your former academic advisor. AARC will notify you of the name of your advisor. Please let us know if you plan to declare or change your major upon your return to the University. Please note: you must complete the Major/Minor Declaration Form and return it to the Registrar's Office by the second week of the semester in order to make the major/minor declaration official.

Important Information Regarding Registration

  • In order for you to be able to register for classes, you are required to review your plans with an academic advisor to make sure you are on track toward graduation and to ensure that your advising status is changed. The AARC will notify you of your advisor's name soon after you are formally readmitted.
  • Progress Toward Graduation: Please review Grad Tracker (BannerWeb-Student Services-GradTracker Login) to review your remaining graduation requirements.
    •  If you need a First-Year Seminar course, please plan on adding it to your upcoming schedule. Contact Ms. Jean Creamer to ensure you have registration permissions for this course.
    • If you were admitted under a catalog year that requires Com1 (Eng.103), please contact the English department as soon as possible.
    • If you haven't completed the URAWARE: Alcohol Awareness component, please add it to your upcoming schedule and also contact Ms. Tracy Cassalia for more information regarding Alcohol.Edu.
  • Holds: A hold on your account may block you from registering for courses. Please check to see if you have any holds (BannerWeb-Student Services-Student Records-View Holds). You should contact the appropriate office regarding the hold.
  • Health History Status: As a readmitted student, you are required to complete or update your Health History status (preferably) prior to your arrival on campus. Required steps include: accessing the Student Health Center Record on BannerWeb, completing the TB risk assessment questions, and updating immunizations if needed. Information obtained during the questionnaire will direct you to the Student Health Center if additional information or an appointment is required. If you fail to follow the recommendations, you may have a hold placed on your account. 
  • Viewing Classes available for Registration: Classes are usually posted in BannerWeb two weeks prior to registration. Formally readmitted students should have immediate access to BannerWeb.
  • Registration Window: Readmitted students register based on the current registration rotation and time admitted during the academic year. Please check GradTracker to verify your registration class and compare it with the registration rotation, in order to mark your calendar for the first day you can register for classes. Note: if you are readmitted after your priority window has ended, you should plan to register when the open registration period begins.
  • Financial Aid: Students must be meeting the University’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements to be considered for Financial Aid. Institutional aid is available to students through their eighth term of enrollment (pro-rated for transfer students). Limited federal financial aid may be available for additional terms of enrollment. Readmitted students receiving aid, should contact the Financial Aid Office for more information. 



Transfer Work

If  you have completed classes while away, please be sure to send any final transcripts to the Registrar's Office. Please review the Academic Procedures section of the Undergraduate Catalog for complete transfer work policies for continuing students. If you have additional questions about transfer work, please contact Mr. Dwayne Smith

Readmission Dates and Registration Policies

Students readmitted prior to October 10 in the fall and March 14 in the spring will be allowed to participate in the appropriate advising and priority registration process. Students who complete applications after these dates will register in July with transfer students for Fall semester and in January the week before classes begin for spring semester.