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Dining with Advisees: Reimbursement Guidelines

The Academic Advising Resource Center is pleased to support informal advisor/advisee interactions around meals and snacks. This includes support for dining with undeclared-student advisees and major advisees (though please, no more than one meal per semester with major advisees). This kind of informal contact can be particularly helpful in developing trust, raising important questions, and taking care of advising business.

We will cover meal costs for you and your advisees each semester, and even more than once per semester with undeclared students, providing this support is used with reasonable discretion and in furtherance of the advising relationship. Reimbursement details for on-campus and off-campus dining are below. Note that in all cases, when using guest cards or turning in receipts, please list your name and the names of your advisees on the card or receipt. If you have additional questions that are not addressed here, please contact Barb Michelson at x6574.

Dining Hall

You are welcome to join your advisees in the Heilman Dining Center for a meal. To do so, simply stop by and pick up a guest card from us in the AARC (Boatwright Admin Wing, Room 025) before you head to the dining center, and your lunch will be covered. Note that since most all first- and second-year students are on meal plans, the card is usually only needed to cover your lunch costs. If you are taking upper-level advisees who are not on a meal plan to the dining center, you may include their meal costs on the guest card as well.

Tyler's Grill, The Cellar, 8:15, ETC, Passport Cafe, and Lou's Cafe

You are also welcome to treat yourself and your students at any of these venues for meals or snacks. You can either stop by the AARC for a guest card in advance, or you can pay for it yourself then send us your receipts afterwards.

Richmond on Broad Cafe

Located within the University of Richmond Downtown and operated by University of Richmond’s Dining Services, the café serves breakfast, lunch, and mid-afternoon refreshments. Guest cards are also available for this location. Richmond on Broad Cafe is easily accessible via the UR downtown shuttle.

Off-Campus Dining

The AARC will reimburse advisors up to a maximum of $20 per person for any off-campus dining with advisees either in the advisor's home or at a restaurant. (The maximum amount is per person for each meal, and no more.)

For Reimbursement of Expenses: Recently Updated

Present your name, your university ID number, the names of advisees present, and detailed expense receipt to Barb Michelson in the AARC (Boatwright Admin. Wing, Room 025). Please note: Accounts Payable requires the detailed meal receipt which includes the restaurant name, date, time, items ordered, and number of participants. Please include a subtotal for advising meals on all grocery receipts.

If the charges are less than $50.00 (and less than ninety days old), a Petty Cash Form will be prepared and returned to you. Reimbursement will be made by presenting the Petty Cash Form and original receipts to the Cashier’s Office (located in Sarah Brunet Hall). The Cashier’s Office hours of operation are 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m., Monday–Friday.

If the charges are greater than $50.00, a Check Request Form will be prepared, sent to you for your signature, and then forwarded by you to Accounts Payable. Reimbursement will be made through automatic deposit into the advisor’s bank account.   

Meal receipt details

Detailed meal receipts are required for reimbursement of off-campus meals.
The receipt must include the restaurant name, date, time, items ordered, and number of participants.

Additional Ideas for Meals with Advisees

Popular off-campus destinations for advising meals: Nacho Mama's, Mosaic, Carytown Burger and Fries, Full Kee, and Palani Drive.

Coffee and dessert at nearby Shyndigz or Pearl's Cupcakes are options for an afternoon meeting. 

Have a large group and unsure about transportation?

  • Order take-out food from a local restaurant for on campus delivery.