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Unit System

This site provides unit-conversion information for continuing University of Richmond students who enrolled PRIOR to fall 2008. Students entering the university in FALL 2008 OR AFTER should consult the online catalog for accurate information about the unit system and related policies.

From credit hours to units 

As of fall 2008, the University of Richmond's schools of Arts & Sciences, Business and Leadership Studies moved from credits to units.

All undergraduate students in Arts & Sciences, Business and Leadership Studies now study under the unit system. This means that all courses in these schools are weighted under the unit system, and student transcripts are presented in units (with coursework taken prior to fall 2008 and coursework transferred to Richmond converted from credits to units where necessary). This conversion does not include the School of Continuing Studies, the T.C. Williams School of Law or the graduate programs in Arts & Sciences or Business. They retain their credit-based systems and requirements.

What is a unit system?

Why the move to a unit system?

What does this mean to me?

Converting credits to units: The conversion chart will help you convert the number of credits you've earned thus far to units. This lets you know exactly how many units you still need to earn prior to graduation. Note that for most all students, this will work out to be the same number or fewer courses than were required for graduation under the current variable credit system.

Program requirements: Each department, major, minor, and concentration may have been impacted differently by the unit conversion. Recently, department Web sites have been updated with the most recent major, minor, and concentration requirements. See the Web sites of departments relevant to you, and plan to attend an information session for those departments.

Scheduling: Students will normally enroll in 3.5 to 5 units per semester, with a typical load most semesters of 4 units. 3.5 is the minimum number of units (the closest equivalent to 12 credits) for full-time status, and 5.5 units is the maximum number of units. Taking fewer than 3.5 or more than 5.5 units in a semester requires permission from the appropriate dean.

Finding out more

Policies and procedures: Specific information is provided here for current students regarding policy changes resulting from the conversion to a unit system.

Frequently asked questions: Answers are provided here to the most common questions we've been hearing about the unit system.