Advising Excellence Award

Each year, the AARC recognizes an outstanding advisor for their work with students. Below is a list of past recipients of this award.

Past Recipients

2006-07: Robert Nicholson (Robins School of Business)

2007-08: William “Bill” Myers (Chemistry)

2008-09: Katybeth Lee (Career Services)

2010-11: Stephen Long (Political Science)

2011-12: Rick Mayes (Healthcare Studies and Political Science)

2012-13: Scott Johnson (Rhetoric and Communication Studies)

2013-14: April Hill (Biology)

2014-15: Sylvia Gale (Bonner Center for Civic Engagement)

2015-16: Michael Spear (Journalism)

2016-17: Tracy Cassalia (Recreation & Wellness)

2017-18: Laura Thompson (Robins School of Business)

2018-19: Tom Mullen (Journalism)

2019-20: Bruce Matthews (Athletics)

2020-21: Monti Datta (Political Science)