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Helping Struggling Students

Students find themselves struggling for a variety of reasons during their college years. It may be a health concern, a difficult relationship, a family problem, an ongoing psychological issue, academic difficulties, a traumatic event, roommate frustrations, home-sickness, or another of many possibilities. Academic advisors who have good relationships with their advisees are often in an excellent position to help students identify problems and pursue appropriate resources.

The University of Richmond provides a range of offices that offer vital services to students, faculty, and staff. Links to some of those offices are provided to the right. If you are uncertain where to turn, the staffs of the Richmond College or Westhampton College Deans' Offices, or the AARC staff, can help point you and your advisee in the right direction.

Student Progress Reports

The student progress report is a crucial link in the web of support services established for Richmond students.

Any faculty member or academic advisor can submit a student progress report, and should complete a report for any student who is having difficulty in a course (doing poorly, having attendance issues, has never attended despite enrollment, etc.) or who is exhibiting other behaviors that concern you.

Please use the student progress report to let the student's advisor know about your concerns and help the student find the best ways to address them. The appropriate residential dean's office, athletics (for student-athletes), international education (for international students), and our office are also copied to provide additional support when it's needed.

Advisors should be aware that they may receive progress reports for advisees at any time in the semester. Please follow-up with any advisee for whom you receive a report, exploring ways to address the concerns raised. If you wish to discuss any forms you receive or consider potential ways to follow-up on particular concerns expressed, feel free to contact the appropriate residential dean or our office.

GradesFirst Program for Student-Athletes

Athletics has implemented the new GradesFirst program for athletes. Athletes have unique concerns, and athletics is using GradesFirst to maintain ongoing information about the academic and personal progress of each individual athlete. GradesFirst is not intended to replace the Student Progress Report in situations where faculty members have significant concerns about students. Rather, it is intended to maintain continuing information (both positive and negative) about athletes during their years here. If you have questions about GradesFirst, please contact Bruce Matthews.

Getting Help for Students

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) helps students with counseling, disabilities, homesickness, relationship issues, stress management and more.

Student Health Services offers students health education and maintenance, as well as treatment for illness and injuries.

The Richmond College and Westhampton College dean's offices work with students on academic, personal, disciplinary, and other concerns.

Students can get help choosing majors, exploring careers, and more through the Office of Career Services.

Threat Assessment Report

An online form is available through the Office of Student Development to convey any concerns you have about any member of the University of Richmond community, to include but not limited to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Your concerns will be routed to the appropriate office(s) who are in the best position to respond in an appropriate way. Your concerns do NOT necessarily have to be connected to a particular 'incident.'