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Term PIN Card/Advisee Registration Status

Term PINs have always had as their purpose at Richmond ensuring that all students meet with an advisor prior to their registration for courses. All students are required to meet with their advisor prior to registration.

Effective fall 2009, advisors no longer give advisees PIN cards after meeting. Now, the advisor changes the advisee registration status by logging into BannerWeb and following these steps:

  1. Click on "Faculty and Advisors," "Advisor Menu," and "View Advisee Listing"
    (remember to select the registration term, not the current term)
  2. On the "View Advisee Listing" page a new column titled "Advisee Status" now appears
  3. This column displays a box that will show "Not Advised" as the default setting (Note that it will default to "Advised" for students who are currently abroad. Do NOT change it back to "Not Advised" for these students as doing so will prevent these students from registering.)
  4. When the student has been advised, simply click in the box and change it from "Not Advised" to "Advised." Doing so will release the advisor hold and this will allow the student to register with no required term PIN.

Note that if the advisor has not changed the advisee registration status, the student will not be allowed to register. While reducing the common problem of students losing PIN cards, this system maintains our institutional sense of the importance of advisor/advisee meetings. Advisors should not release the advisor hold for students with whom they have not met, and they should be certain their advisees understand the advisee registration status.

Important: Students can now check their registration status on BannerWeb, confirming that you have changed their status to "advised" and seeing whether there are any holds that might restrict registration. They can access their registration status by logging onto BannerWeb, clicking on "Student Services," then "Registration." There they will see "Check Your Registration Status."