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Transfer Student Information

This memo serves as a guide to help you answer questions that may be particular to advisees who are transfer students.

Credit Transfer Process

Once students have confirmed their enrollment at Richmond, their transcript is forwarded to Mr. Dwayne Smith, Transfer & Curriculum Analyst in the Registrar’s Office. Mr. Smith evaluates their transfer credit according to the following criteria:

  • Must be taken at a higher education institution accredited by a regional accrediting body (or the international equivalent of such)
  • Grade must be C or better
  • Courses must be part of Richmond’s curriculum
  • Courses must be at Richmond’s curriculum level

Unit Conversion

Many of the institutions that students transfer from use the semester-hour system or may have a different unit value. In the transfer process, students’ credits from their prior institution are converted mathematically to Richmond units. One Richmond unit is equivalent to 3.5 semester hours. The conversion from the semester-hour system is as follows:

  • 3-semester hours = 0.86 units
  • 4-semester hours = 1.14 units

However, in order to account for the difference in degree requirements, students may transfer up to five 3-semester hour courses as 1 unit. All subsequent 3-semester hour courses will transfer as 0.86 units.

Course Approval Process

Credit is given for a specific Richmond course if the course description shows that the transfer course matches the Richmond course exactly. In many cases, this cannot be determined from a course description. Courses that meet the transfer criteria, but may not have an exact match at Richmond are given elective credit as follows:

  • TRNS 999, 998, etc.—General elective credit. Needs further approval to count towards major, minor, general education credit. Counts as credit towards graduation.
  • <Subject heading> 999 (e.g. BIOL 999)—Elective credit within a department, with no course level indicated.
  • <Subject heading> 901, 902, 903, 904 (e.g. BIOL 901)—Elective credit within a department with course level indicated by the third digit of the course number. For example, BIOL 901 would be a 100-level BIOL elective course. May be used towards major/minor credit at the discretion of the department chair.

If a student would like to have a transferred course changed or approved for major/minor/general education credit, they must complete the Transfer Work Approval form. This form is available in the registrar’s office.

Say, for example, your advisee’s audit shows that he/she has not met the FSSR requirement, but he/she transferred a course listed as MATH 902 (Calculus I). Most likely, the course description did not match exactly to Richmond’s MATH 211 course. If a student would like to have this course reviewed to meet the FSSR requirement, they may contact the math department to have the course reviewed by the math faculty.

Please encourage your advisees to have their courses reviewed sometime during their first semester on campus if it seems warranted. It is often difficult to find exact matches at the initial review, and it is up to them to seek a second review.

Richmond Residency Requirement

Students who enter Richmond as first-year students are required to take a minimum of 28 units on campus, which includes approved off-campus programs such as study abroad and cross registration. This minimum is pro-rated for transfer students based on the number of years they spent as matriculated college students prior to enrolling at Richmond. The prorated residency requirement is as follows:

  • Students attending college for 1 year prior to enrolling: 23 units required on campus
  • Students attending college for 1.5 years prior to enrolling: 20.5 units required on campus
  • Students attending college for 2 years prior to enrolling: 17.5 units required on campus

The GradTracker audit for transfer students will list the prorated residency requirement in the Notes section at the bottom of the main viewing screen.

Questions About Transfer Work or Transfer Student Requirements

Dwayne Smith
Transfer & Curriculum Analyst
Registrar's Office
(804) 289-8047